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Zeiss UMC 850/1200 CAA Coordinate Measuring Machine with Built-in Zeiss Rotary Table RT05-400

Previously owned & operated by General Dynamics Corp., Global Imaging Division, Cullman, AL.
No longer needed for ongoing operations.

Original factory accuracy specifications:
1D U95 = 1.0 microns + L/300 (per axis)
3D U95 = 3.0 microns + L/200 (volumetric)

Measuring Volume:
1200 mm x 850 mm x 650 mm

Built In:


  • Zeiss High Speed Scanning (HSS) probe head with built-in automatic probe changer
  • Computer Aided Accuracy (CAA) laser error map technology
  • Zeiss rotary table model RT05-400, mounted in granite table with removable cover plate
  • Zeiss blue joystick control box
  • Zeiss calibration sphere
  • Zeiss master probe
  • Zeiss C98 controller with full DCC
  • Factory upgraded to Zeiss Calypso operating software
  • Dell computer system (monitor, keyboard, printer)
  • Computer cabinet
  • Wilkerson air dyer

Suggested Price: $39,995.00*

Want to feel even better about this purchase?
The net proceeds will go to industry education grants!

*Pricing includes packing and loading supervision at time of shipment, unloading supervision and unpacking, machine installation and calibration. No warranty after calibration. Freight and insurance not included. Air-ride transportation required. FOB machinery warehouse, Decatur, Alabama.

Those with interest, please call Mark: (949) 457-1913 or email: mosterstock@cmms.com